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Titus Youtheatre

Now with programs in Bay City & Birch Run

Titus Youtheatre - Bay City
April 22nd- June 22nd, 2024
Westminster Presbyterian Church- 103 E. Midland St.

Titus Youtheatre - Birch Run
September 17th- November 9th, 202

St. Martin Lutheran Church- 10995 Canada Rd.

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This program is for student actors from 3rd - 12th grade.  The students will learn audition skills, script reading, performance skills, stage directions, improvisation, teamwork, communication skills, and how to express themselves on and off the stage. 


Every student will be cast in a one act play that will be led by a supervised group of high school directors.  At the end of this program each play will be performed in front of live audiences with costumes, set pieces, lights, and sound. 


We welcome everyone to join us whether you have never acted before, or if you have been in plays for many years!

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This program is for high school students, with acting experience, who wish to be part of a team of directors. 


Director groups will choose a script for a one act play, audition student actors, cast actors for their play, run practices, decide on costumes, set pieces, sound, and lights. 


This program will culminate in performances in front of live audiences.

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Crew T-shirt.png


This program is for students from 3rd - 12th grade who would like to be a part of our behind the scenes crew. 


The students will work with directors and assist them with props, set pieces, costumes, make-up, scenery changes, lights, and sound.  They will also participate with different actor and director groups during practices to see the entire theatre production process from beginning to end. 


Our crew members will also work with staff and directors to help with all of the behind the scene needs for our live performances.

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