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Completely Fun Math Club

Program Information


  • The Completely Fun Math Program is a 30 minute after-school program, in which we play a variety of math games to learn and master math facts in a fun and engaging way while reducing stress for the students.

  • This program is for students who struggle, students who love math and everyone in-between.

  • We adjust the games for each student to decrease frustration and stress, so they can build up confidence and help them master facts at their current level and then grow to new levels of understanding and mastery.

  • Parents will be given some simple games that they can play at home with common items like paper and pencil, a deck of cards, and/or dice.  All of these games will also require minimal prep time, if any at all.  This way the fun and learning can continue beyond the Math Club.

  • Location:  St. Lorenz School- Learning Center

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