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Titus Youtheatre Parent Meeting- 2024

Tech/Performance Week Schedule:

After hours- Dress Rehearsals: Mon., June 17th- 1:00-3:00; Tues., June 18th- 1:00-3:00; Wed., June 19th- 1:00-3:00

                       Performances:  Thurs., June 20th- 5:00; Fri., June 21st- 6:00; Sat., June 22nd- 3:00

Wanted One Groom- Dress Rehearsals: Mon., June 17th- 3:00-5:00; Tues., June 18th- 3:00-5:00; Wed., June 19th- 3:00-5:00

                       Performances:  Thurs., June 20th- 7:00; Fri., June 21st- 5:00; Sat., June 22nd- 2:00

Wind in the Willows- Dress Rehearsals: Mon., June 17th- 5:00-7:00; Tues., June 18th- 5:00-7:00; Wed., June 19th- 5:00-7:00

                       Performances:  Thurs., June 20th- 6:00; Fri., June 21st- 7:00; Sat., June 22nd- 1:00

Actors and directors need to arrive 45 minutes prior to their performance time.  Crew members will be assigned to performance times at a later date (we are still working through what each play will need crew to do).

Water Bottles- please bring water bottles, while the church never says anything to us, we don’t want to use up the cups and water that they pay for.



Performance Volunteers- We need help in the lobby for performances and cleaning up on Saturday.  If you want to watch your child’s performance during your volunteer time, please just make a note of it when you sign up.  High schoolers can get volunteer hours for helping.  Please go to Sign-Up Genius to sign up for a slot.


  • Expenses have gone up significantly.

  • The staff is all volunteers, so all fundraising goes to cover expenses.

  • Program fees only cover a small portion of our expenses such as: scripts, royalties and T-shirts.

  • We need microphones, a stage curtain and some costumes.

  • Thrivent Action Cards

  • Raise Right Gift Cards

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