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Thrivent Action Cards


Thrivent is a Christian Financial Services Non-profit.  As a non-profit they need and want to give away a portion of their income.  As a company they have decided that they would prefer to give that money away to local communities (with their members deciding where that money goes), rather than in large amounts to only a few organizations.


There are two ways to be a member: 

  1. Own their insurance and investment products

  2. Register to be an associate member for $19.95 (ages 16 and up)


Associate members do not need to own any of their products and they do not push anything on you in any way.


Each associate member is eligible to donate a $250 gift card to a cause/organization of their choice.


A group of ladies in the Frankenmuth/Birch Run area are donating money to reimburse the $19.95 for up to 200 cards for our organization.


Once we receive the $250 gift card you will be reimbursed the $19.95.


To apply for an associate membership, you go to this website:

It takes less than 5 minutes to apply. 

  • You will enter your email address.

  • It will send your email a verification code to enter.

  • It will ask for your first name, last name, phone number, address, and birthdate.

  • It will ask you if you are a Christian or if your spouse is a Christian (required to choose one).

  • Church membership information is optional.

  • Select the “I’m new to Thrivent” $19.95 option.

  • Pay the $19.95 fee with a credit card.


You will receive a membership letter in the mail within 2-3 weeks with a membership number.  Once you receive your membership number, please let us know and we will help you apply for the $250 gift card (it will take 5 minutes or less, but we need to enter in certain information).

After you apply for the gift card you will receive it in the mail in 1-2 weeks.

So, for about 10-15 minutes of your time and $19.95 (that will be reimbursed), we will get $250 for Titus Youtheatre to cover expenses and get some much-needed equipment to be used for years to come.

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